Calling all bookworms!

I've been doing book reviews for a while on my channel under the name Creepy Book Club (because I love a good, catchy name), but they only book reviews. Basically, I was clever enough to come up with a cute name like "Creepy Book Club," but not clever enough to think of making an actual Creepy Book Club!


My plan is to read a book of the horror variety each month (obviously) and then myself and the rest of the book club will discuss over on our group page on Goodreads. Then, I will post a video of my book review and incorporate review from other book club members in my video!


So, feel free to join if you like to read creepy and spooky books! One last benefit of joining the Creepy Book Club is you'll get a say in what book we read each month. And by "you get a say," I mean the members get to choose and vote all future books that we read! Seems only fair as they're going to have to read the book, right?

Click here to join the Creepy Book Club!


What are we reading right now?

We are currently reading Horror Show by Greg Kihn and we'll be done on April 30th! Below are links for the six books we’ll be reading for the first half of 2019 and in order, too (so, Intensity is January, Dracul is February, and so on)!


Get Reading!

Below is the list of books we'll be reading for the first half of 2019! Please refer to this post on the group page for further details.

Disclaimer: These are Amazon Affiliate links. By no means do you have to use these links to purchase the books, but my channel gets a small kickback if you do.

By Dacre Stoker, J.D. Barker
Horror Show
By Greg Kihn

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