Risen and Revisited: Muck (2015)

Hey there, creepy peeps! For this Revisit Review, I decided to go back and give a movie I remember hating another watch. That movie is Muck (2015), written and directed by Steve Wolsh.

At least among my HorrorTube friends, we all seem to agree that Muck is bad. Giving it a second watch only reminded me of how bad it was. For starters, the movie feels like it’s missing the first twenty minutes; I’m not sure why Wolsh chose to start the film that way, but it does not work. Not only that, but you don’t even see what attacked our main cast of characters until later either. I can only fathom what the purpose of cutting out the beginning of the film was. Maybe Wolsh was trying to make a point about how all slashers start the same? However, the only point made was the first act of the film, no matter how cliché, is important to introduce the characters.


Apparently, Muck is meant to be a love letter to slasher movies, but it feels more like a love letter to the big-breasted slut characters of slasher movies. Now, before anyone jumps all over me for being sexist, I would have no problem with a slasher movie full of the “slutty” characters if they flipped the stereotype on its head and those characters were capable and badass. Muck did not do this, all the “slut” characters ranged from vapid to completely mental. The worst is was Eye Candy #9 who has a solo lingerie fashion show in a public restroom for what feels like 10 minutes of the movie. Out of all the slasher movies I have seen, I can’t recall ever seeing something that ridiculous. I feel obligated to mention the entire title sequence is a naked girl running aimlessly around a swamp – pretty much sums up the movie.

And then we have the monster-things, the dudes painted in white that wants to see everyone naked -- Seriously, their first priority whenever they capture anyone is to rip their clothes off. The problem with these guys is you have no idea where they come from, what they want, why they like to see people naked, nothing. This is supposed to be an homage to the slasher genre? Michael Myers has more backstory than these guys!


So, to sum this up, Wolsh just skips over the character development, fails to let us know anything about the baddies, so who or what is supposed to keep my interest? It’s not the plot, that’s for damn sure! As you can probably guess, nothing is revealed about why the characters are where they are, how they got there, what the deal with the swamp is; once again, nothing. I’m writing this before re-watching my original review of Muck from when I first saw it, now I’m interested to see if I had anything positive to say about it.

Update: Nope, I hated it then and I hate it now. I’m actually shocked, I said almost exactly the same things in my original video in this post. Weird.