My Horror Collection: F

  • Fear Clinic (Robert Green Hall, 2014)

This is one that I have not watched yet, got it in a HorrorPack…do y’all see why I stopped HorrorPack for now?? So many movies on my shelf that I have not seen!!

  • Fear of the Dark (K.C. Bascombe, 2003)

This is one I picked up at MovieStop because my brother and I used to watch this so much as kids. It is not perfect, by ANY means, but it gives me the warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia!

  • Feast (John Gulager, 2005)

Have not seen this one. Surprised?

  • Final Destination (James Wong, 2000)

A classic! Although I will say I don’t like this one as much as the third one (my favorite) and I don’t know why I don’t own that one.

  • The Final Destination (David R. Ellis, 2009)

Still, haven’t seen this in it’s entirety. Only bits and pieces.          

  • Frankenstein (James Whale, 1931)

A classic!!

  • Freddy vs Jason (Ronny Yu, 2003)

Such a divisive movie, you either love it or hate it. I clearly am in the Love It camp as I own it. Yet another one that my brother and I watched a lot growing up, so I have a nostalgic love for it!

  • Fright Night 2 (Eduardo Rodriguez, 2013)

“Vicky, why do you own the second Fright Night even though you haven’t seen it. Also, why don’t you have the first one?”

I don’t know, I simply don’t know.

  • Friday the 13th (Part 1, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 8)

My poor F13 collection, missing so many titles and missing one of my favorites in the franchise, Jason X! Pretty much all of my F13 movies came from Gory B. Movie, so you can blame her for not sending me the whole franchise.

  • Friday the 13th (Marcus Nispel, 2009)

I saw this one in theaters, because of Jared Padalecki (I was in high school and in love with him…STILL in love with him) and I regret nothing.

  • The Funhouse Massacre (Andy Palmer, 2015)

An underrated little number! It has a few cool cameos, it’s fun; it’s a cool concept. I’m not sure why so many horror fans are sleeping on this one!