My Horror Collection: D

Hey, there creeps! It’s time to go through my collection again and see how many more DVDs I own that I still have not seen yet! Yay!

  • The Dark Below (Douglas Schulze, 2015)

Right out the gate this time, huh? Yeah, I’ve not seen this one yet.

  • Dark Summer (Paul Solet, 2015)

Again, not seen. I think I got this one in a HorrorPack.

  • The Dark Tapes (Michael McQuown and Vincent Guastini, 2016)

Okay, I saw this one as a screener, reviewed it, didn’t like it, got lots of hate for reasons I still haven’t figured out, and then I got a physical copy in a Box of Dread or something.

  • Dark Water (Hideo Nakata, 2002)

I think I reviewed this one for Shocktober one year, really had a good time with it. I should have done a Remake vs Original, however, because…

  • Dark Water (Walter Salles, 2005)

…I haven’t seen this one! Although, I hear very mixed things about it. Some people hate it, others say it’s super underrated!

  • Dawn of the Dead (Zack Snyder, 2004)

Yeah, the remake. What can I say? I am a product of the year I was born, this is what I grew up watching! And I still don’t think it’s that bad…well, except for zombie baby, that part is pretty fucking cringe.

  • Day of the Dead (George A. Romero, 1985)

The good one, not that shitty-as-hell remake that I reviewed.

  • Day of Reckoning (Joel Novoa, 2016)

Oh, look! Another movie I haven’t seen! And I’m going to be real honest here, I have no idea where I got this. It just kind of showed up?

  • Dead End (Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa, 2003)

This is a super underrated movie starring Robert Wise and Lin Shaye! Need I say more?

  • Dead Shadows (David Cholewa, 2012)

I still haven’t seen this one either!

  • Dead Snow (Tommy Wirkola, 2009)

A zombie masterpiece, in my opinion. It really doesn’t get much better than zombie Nazis. I mean, come on! A dude gets his dick chomped by a zombie Nazi in this one! That’s amazing!

  • Deathgasm (Jason Lei Howden, 2015)

Another amazing and crazy film! I could go on and on about this one! It’s fucking hilarious and has metal music, tons of gore, boobs, dildos…what more could you want in a movie?

  • Demonic aka Forest of the Damned (Johannes Roberts, 2005)

I’ve not seen this one, but the director also did The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) which I actually didn’t hate…and it had Tom Savini in it! I’m putting this one on priority to make sure I watch soon!

  • Demonic Toys (Peter Manoogian, 1992)

I haven’t seen this yet, but it’s in my special June video schedule that I have planned!

  • Diary of the Dead (George A. Romero, 2007)

Not make favorite of the Romero’s zombie movies, mostly because it’s found footage.

  • Digging Up the Marrow (Adam Green, 2014)

Underrated, underrated, underrated! It’s found footage, but not the type of found footage that I hate. And the makeup effects in this are PHENOMENAL!

  • Dolly Deadly (Heidi Moore, 2016)

I have not seen this!

  • Don’t Look in the Basement 2 (Tony Brownrigg, 2015)            

I remember getting this in a HorrorPack and asking if I had to see the first one before watching this. The jury is still out on that, I guess.

  • Dracula 3D (Dario Argento, 2012)

I haven’t seen it and based on the IMDB page I don’t think I really want to? Unless someone convinces e otherwise, I guess.

  • Dracula (Tod Browning, 1931)

A classic, of course! I don’t have to explain this one.

  • Dracula Untold (Gary Shore, 2014)

I got this in a HorrorPack, although I saw it in theaters. I didn’t hate it the first time, but the more I’ve seen it, the more I have grown to dislike it.