Flexing Culture, YouTube, and Grav3yard Girl

Hey there, creepy peeps!

Today’s post is going to be a little different as I thought I would react to a few videos that have been posted on YouTube this past weekend. I recently saw the videos posted by Shane Dawson in collaboration with Bunny Meyer aka Grav3yard Girl, and her own videos that she as posted in relation to her collab. I’ve hyperlinked each of their channels, so you can watch the videos for yourself if you’re interested. I’ll summarize them very briefly here, as well.

Basically, Shane wanted to start a new series where he collabs with a YouTuber who is feeling frustrated with YouTube and wants to make a change on their channel or just needs help getting out of a slump. The first subject in this new video series is Grav3yard Girl, who’s channel has been “dying” for the past year. I won’t get into details, as it will take up much of this post, I highly recommend you watch the videos, though. I’ve been a fan of Shane in the past and had come back to his channel a couple of months ago, and Grav3yard Girl is a channel I’ve been subscribed to for what seems like forever.

Now, I’m definitely going to spoil a bit of Shane’s video, but it’s necessary for my reaction. Part of the reason for Bunny’s channel “dying” was her lack of innovation on her channel; she always films the same types of videos in the same locations, without fail. Bunny’s fans were tuning off because they wanted to know more about her, but she was afraid to share too much. Basically, Bunny didn’t want to show parts of her life because she was afraid people would think she was flexing on her fans. It’s revealed in Shane’s video that Bunny lives in this beautiful (and BIG) house, has expensive cars, and even a freaking ARCADE ROOM! I know, it’s fucking awesome! The heartbreaking parts were the reveal of Bunny’s “Vlog Car” which she films in (again, so she doesn’t seem like she’s flexing) and the admission that she has all these nice things because she worked her ass off. Shane asked Bunny point-blank if she was born into money or the big house/nice cars/etc. were her doing; to which she replies that it was all her. It’s at that moment that my heart broke.

I can understand why Bunny would think that showing her home and cars would seem like flexing. Daily vloggers like Logan and Jake Paul are CONSTANTLY flexing on their fans, and people are fed up with that sort of behavior. To me, there is a distinct difference between bragging about your nice things, and being proud of your accomplishments, which allowed you to et these nice things. I couldn’t help but think how many people Bunny could inspire by showing her fans exactly what their support has done for her. I was immediately inspired to work even harder on my channel, after seeing what Bunny’s success has gotten her, which is why I was so sad that she hadn’t shown this side of her sooner.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post was. I guess I just wanted to share my reaction to Shane’s and Bunny’s recent videos. I really look up to Shane and Bunny (especially Bunny); she is such a kooky and creative individual, I feel like I can relate to her in so many ways and seeing that she can succeed makes me feel like I can too. So, I guess I just felt super emotional after seeing the videos and wanted to share. This new “flexing” culture on YouTube sucks. I hate it and it’s making nice people like Bunny feel like they can’t celebrate their success with their fans. That’s all.

Ok, I’m going to stop now, I think I’ve gone on enough. If you have seen the videos, let me know what you think of them in the comments!