Risen and Revisited: The Sacrament (2013)

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! For today’s Revisit, I thought I would talk about a movie that I have a very weird relationship with … The Sacrament (Ti West, 2013). I will leave my original review right below for your viewing pleasure, although I will summarize that review in this post.

So, when I originally watched The Sacrament, I really enjoyed it – like, really. There is something so utterly terrifying about cults, which I’m sure at least some of you reading this can agree with me on this. So, it’s no surprise that I found this movie so scary and creepy. Especially knowing that film was based in part on the Jonestown mass murder/suicide, I’m sure West took some liberties, but the main event (the mass suicide part) seemed particularly accurate.

I did, however, take issue with a huge plot hole at the end of the movie. Basically, West commits the worst of the found footage sins: leaving a camera behind. Ugh. I was left with too many questions as to how the camera was recovered. Was I just supposed to believe the camera wasn’t destroyed in the fire at the end of the film and someone found it and sent it back to the States? This was a major disappointment in an otherwise amazing found footage movie.

My thoughts on the movie really haven’t changed all that much from my first viewing. I still find the plot really scary; especially knowing how closely related the plot is to the Jonestown mass suicide. It’s downright creepy. Plus, I’m sure there are still cults in operation today, maybe not on the scale that Jonestown was, but that doesn’t make them any less scary.


Now, the plot hole. I still feel that leaving one of the cameras behind was a huge mistake. I’m fine with having a few questions at the end of a film, there is nothing wrong with an open ending, but there is a limit to how much you can leave unanswered, at least for my personal taste. And leaving one of the two cameras behind while one of the parish members is burning everything down is so irresponsible. Especially since the found footage is clearly meant to look edited by our main characters since they made it out of the cult alive – how did they get that footage, then? Despite how good the rest of the movie is, I’m still so disappointed in that plot hole.

Other than that, I had a newfound appreciation for the camera work in the film this time around. I think I much prefer found footage film where one of the characters is a professional videographer and knows how to hold and work a camera. This just makes for less of those annoying, jerky, bouncy, shitty-looking shots.

Anyways, I’ll leave an Affiliate link to The Sacrament below, if you want to watch it. I don’t recommend found footage films very often, but I do recommend this one! Let me know your thoughts on the film in the comments if you have seen it already!

The Sacrament
Starring Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Ti West