Risen and Revisited: The Gallows (2015)

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! I’m revisiting another stinker today; one of these days I hope to revisit something that I hated, but then change my mind. It’ll happen. Just not today.

We’re talking about The Gallows (Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing, 2015), and I’ll leave my original review of the movie right here:

Or, you know, I’ll just summarize that here.

So, when I first saw The Gallows, I cut it a lot of slack. A LOT. I don’t even know why. I originally liked the creepy, school-after-dark vibe, which, to be fair, is totally creepy. Growing up in Florida, every single one of my school’s have been outdoors. Is that the way to describe it? Outdoors? Like, the hallways and everything was outdoors and the only things indoors were the classrooms, library, office, etc. So, while I have spent a fair amount of time in school after hours (because of extracurriculars, not bad things, gosh), but it’s never been scary. You know, because it’s outdoors. There was a time when I was in the auditorium with my friends after hours – this was a rare “not supposed to be there” kind of situation – and it was completely dark. And terrifying. We also went up to the catwalk – again, NOT supposed to be doing this – which was also terrifying. That was a really long way of saying, being at school when it’s all dark and scary is, well, scary.

The main problem I had with The Gallows originally was the ending. To completely spoil everything: we find out Reese’s (Reese Mishler) dad backed out of the original production f the play, cause Charlie (having to play the lead instead of the hangman. And we know how that ended for Charlie. The end, that I dislike reveals that Pfeiffer’s mother (Melissa Barton) was Charlie’s girlfriend back in the day and they both summon Charlie’s spirit to get back at Reese and his dad. I know, it’s dumb.


And with this, I will lead into what I thought about The Gallows this time around. I still hate the ending. To start, we find out about Reese’s dad and the whole backing out thing way too early. Then, the kids learn nothing else until the very end with the whole Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer Brown) and her mom thing. There is no build up of suspense for a very large portion of the movie, just a bunch of cheap jump scares.  Ugh.

The acting, I noticed this time around, is particularly awful. I know it’s kind of a joke in the movie that Reese is bad at acting, but homeboy took this way too seriously. Reese couldn’t act and neither could Reese…Reese Mishler…the actor that plays Reese in the movie.  The rest of the cast isn’t much better, either.

I still think that the school-at-night idea is really freaky and a good concept, it just wasn’t done well plot-wise. So, what do you think of The Gallows? Let me know in the comments! Also, let me know if you’ve ever been to school after hours! Did anything scary happen?

You can watch The Gallows here, if you so choose, the link below is an Affiliate link:

The Gallows
Starring Cassidy Gifford, Mackie Burt, Ryan Shoos, Reese Mishler