Welcome to My Nightmare: My Content

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! For today’s free-space-esque post I thought I would just break down all the different content I do on YouTube, this blog, and Morbidly Beautiful. I figure this will be useful as a reference for all the stuff I do more than an entertaining post to read. So, just be aware.


Ok, this is the obvious one. My YouTube channel is mostly for movie reviews, the only days not having reviews are Dissecting the Macabre days and Weird Wednesdays. Other than that, the channel is movie reviews all the time!

The Blog

While I still do movie reviews to an extent on here (mainly the revisit reviews), the blog is a place for “bonus content,” if you will. And aside from the odd excerpt from a paper form my film studies course, I like to keep the blog casual. I always think of blogs of being diaries or journals, so I didn’t want to put a whole bunch of serious/academic stuff on here, just the odd Dissecting the Macabre post, really. Plus, I’m pretty casual in my videos, so I like my blog to have that same laidback feeling.

Morbidly Beautiful

Some of you may know (and maybe are tired of hearing) I am a contributing writer on Morbidly Beautiful, as well as a contributing host on their YouTube channel. On both the site and on Morbidly’s YouTube, I try and be a little more formal, just to mix it up a little. Even though I am given mostly total freedom to talk/write however I want, I want to be a little more professional on Morbidly Beautiful's channel. That’s not to say I think less of my own site and channel, I just want to provide something a little different for my subscriber who is used to Chill Vicky. Plus, it keeps me from feeling like I’m just doing the same content in two different places.

And that’s it! To anyone who actually read this, thank you. Like I said, I really just wanted to put this here as a reference for those just finding Nightmare Maven where they can see all the places I make content, and why they might want to check them all out. I will be adding to this post in the next week or so, as Spooky Astronauts and I have a little something planned, but that’s all I will say on the matter for now! Until next time, stay strange!