Take-Home Horror: Happy Death Day (2017)

Hey guys! For today’s Take-Home Horror post, I thought I would talk about the special features on the DVD for Happy Death Day (Christopher Landon, 2017)! I recently acquired the DVD of this film, which you can see in my today’s haul video which I will link right here:

  • Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes

There were only a few deleted scenes, but they were a little longer than most deleted scenes, so that was a plus. The alternate ending was entertaining, but I was really happy that is was just the alternate. It definitely added a different tone to the movie.

  • Three Featurettes: Worst Birthday Ever, Behind the Mask: The Suspects, and The Many Deaths of Tree

I’m going to talk about all three of these features together because they are so short. They could have easily been put together to make one longer featurette. I also wish the three features had more cast and crew interviews with them. I really want more of a behind-the-scenes feel with these, but they felt super produced if that makes any sense. I also really would have liked a feature film commentary, as long as I’m making demands.

Overall, the features on the Happy Death Day DVD are just alright. And the same exact features, nothing more, comes on the Blu-ray version.

Happy Death Day
Starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Rachel Matthews, Charles Aitken