Risen and Revisited: Tusk (2014)

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! It’s time to revisit another movie that I reviewed long ago – well, like three years ago – and that is Tusk (Kevin Smith, 2014). I’m not going to explain the plot of Tusk or share any photos that could possibly give anything away, because, for anyone who hasn’t seen the film, I urge you to go in blind. Just trust me, it’s the best way to watch this movie. In the shortest way possible, Wallace (Justin Long) is a co-host of a podcast who travels to Canada to cover a story for his next show. When his original interview falls through, Wallace must find a back-up, which leads him to Mr. Howard Howe (Michael Parks) who is one interesting individual.

So, you can watch my original review right down here and not to worry, I didn’t spoil anything in that video, either:

In my original review, I went in as blind as I could possibly be, and I really enjoyed the crazy plot. I didn’t find the film scary, but it is shocking (for reasons I will not spoil). I thought the movie was cast well; Justin Long is great as our main character, Wallace, in a type of role I hadn’t seen him before. I liked that Smith created some difficulty with how we are supposed to feel about Wallace. On one hand, what ends up happening to him in the film is terrifying and crazy, so we should feel bad for him. On the other hand, flashbacks throughout the movie show that Wallace is pretty much an asshole. I really liked that struggle with the character and it made the film more enjoyable to watch.

It’s a slightly different experience watching the movie knowing everything that happens. I have to say, I was able to pick up on and enjoy a lot more of the humor this time around, since the big twist/reveal is so shocking, that feeling kind of took up most of my emotional capacity the first time I saw this. I still think Justin Long did amazing, I love seeing an actor that starts off his career being typecast (Long typically plays the dorky, weird character) get to play another type of character. Michael Parks, who also plays a huge role in this film, is chilling and the pair together makes for a great film. I was able to feel how terrifying the film is this time around, as well. Before, I was in shock at what was happening in the first viewing, I see now that this movie has a scary side, as well. Some things that haven’t changed since my first viewing: I’m still not a fan of Ally (Genesis Rodriguez), Wallace’s girlfriend, character. I get her purpose in terms of Wallace’s flashbacks, because we see how much of an asshole his is, but there’s another aspect to her character (which I’m not going to spoil), that I didn’t get the purpose of. I also still really don’t get the ending, but I don’t think all the viewings in the world can help me with that one.


I hope this revisit review wasn’t too boring to read. I really want to reiterate that I think, if you haven’t seen Tusk and want to, not to look up anything about the movie and just go in blind. I promise, it is the best way to watch the movie. Thanks for reading! You can watch Tusk by clicking below to the affiliate link (it helps the channel, no pressure, though):

Starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Michael Parks