Welcome to my Nightmare: Being a Female Horror Fan IRL (Warning: Extra Salty)

Ok, Creepy Peeps, like I promised in this Weird Wednesday video, which you can watch just below, I’m going to talk about some of my personal experiences with people being in-real-life jerks because I’m a lady who likes horror. I will be leaving out some stories – the post would be insanely long – but I’m going to just narrow it down to the funniest stories. Also, be warned, this is going to be SUPER SALTY, so if you don’t like this sort of thing, then don’t read this post. Simple.

This incident happened when I was working at Panera. I was working on the line and I overheard two guys talking about The Belko Experiment, so naturally, I was excited to hear how they liked it as I had tickets to see it the next day. I asked one of them if they liked the movie and this dude paused and stared at me for a second – sizing me up or something, I don’t know. Then he says: “It was really good, but super brutal, tons of blood and guts, probably not something you would like.” I guess it’s a good time to mention that I didn’t know either of these gentlemen, so how the fuck they know what type of movie I like or don’t like it beyond me. Being on the clock, I simply said, “You’d be surprised,” and ended the conversation there.  I know that is such a little incident, but I’m sure it’s one that most female horror fans are familiar with. Like, hasn’t there been studies that prove that just as many females watch horror movies as men? I feel like this conversation shouldn’t happen anymore.

I’ve had a few small incidents while working at Barnes & Noble, as well. Two of them have played out the same way, where I get a customer coming up to me and saying they would like some recommendations on what to read next. They tell me they like thriller and horror stuff, to which I think: Sweet, I got tons of books to recommend. And then they immediately follow up with, “Is there someone that can help me out?” I know, I know. How can I assume that they are saying that because I’m I girl and they figure I don’t read that gory, scary stuff? True, I guess I am only guessing, after all, I can’t read minds or anything. Maybe it’s the mild surprise on their faces when I tell them I can help with that and start asking questions like what kind of horror do they like and give suggestions from that.

There was one time, while I was on shift at B&N when I was helping a guy find a book for his girlfriend/wife/whatever in the romance section. The dude clearly didn’t know what his lady liked to read, so he asked me what romance books or authors I enjoyed. Now, I feel like there are different connotations/meanings behind this question based on how you ask it. Asking something like: “Do you have any recommendations?” or “What’s a big-seller/popular read?” is politer, like they (correctly) don’t know what I like to read, so they’re asking for any help I can provide. However, when you’re standing in the romance section and a guy asks, “Which one of these do you like to read?” while motioning at the nearest shelf, it shows he is assuming I read that genre. Cue the eye roll.

Ok, I think that may be enough sass for one post. I’m starting to get heated while I write this. I realize that a lot of this is me guessing what these guys are thinking, but I did warn you that this would be salty. I’ll end with a lighter story, shall I? To keep it short, a father and daughter came in looking for It by Stephen King, I brought them to the book, told the girl she was going to love it, yadda yadda. The dad remarked on how he brought his daughter to see the movie, which made her want to read the book (right on), but how he thought the movie sucked (to each their own). I asked what he thought of the miniseries to which this man – older than me, mind you – replies, “What miniseries?” I know, right?! How did he NOT know about the miniseries? Lucky for him, Nightmare Maven was there to save the day and I sent them on their way with the book AND the miniseries on DVD.

OK, that’s all for me. Let me know of any experience you’ve had in the comments if you feel like letting off some steam! Thanks for reading this…whatever it was.