TV Talk: The Addams Family (1964-1966)

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! I guess you could call this post a “TV Thoughts” post…I’m not really sure. It’s kind of a “Take-Home Horror,” too. Whatever.

I’ve been on an Addams Family kick lately (more like my whole life, but you know what I mean), so I wanted to talk about the copy of the complete series I own! So, if it isn’t apparent by now, I’m talking about the television series of The Addams Family from the 1960s, and not the movies.


The complete series has a few good extras. I feel like the older the movie or series is, the less special features you get, simply because they didn’t really film behind-the-scenes back in the day. So, The Addams Family was only on TV for two seasons – I know, it’s a damn shame – so the series only takes up six discs worth of space and every other disc has special features added.

Audio Commentary with Lisa Lorring (aka Wednesday), Ken Weatherwax (aka Pugsley), Felix Silla (aka Cousin Itt), and Stephen Cox (the author of The Addams Family Chronicles). This quartet provides commentary on a couple of episodes and they share a lot of behind-the-scenes information. It was particularly interesting to hear from Lorring and Weatherwax about how Carolyn Jones was on set as Morticia. If it wasn’t apparent to you already, I am a huge fan of Morticia Addams and, by extension, Carolyn Jones. The commentary kind of served as a Q&A, too, as Stephen Cox would often prompt the cast members with questions during the episodes.

Audio Commentary with Cousin Itt and Thing. Now, as you can imagine, this is more of a gag feature, because Thing can’t talk and Cousin Itt…well, you know. Obviously, this commentary doesn’t go on for the whole episode that it is featured on; the “commentary” is pretty short. Nevertheless, it’s a fun an cute little addition to the special features list.


The Addams Family Portrait; You Rang, Mister Addams; and Mad About the Addams Featurettes. I was surprised to see this many featurettes on a such an old television show, but also immensely happy. Each featurette shows interviews from scholars who talk about the impact of the Addams Family and how iconic the show was. There are also interviews from fans about the influence of the show on them and why they love it. There’s also information on the casting process for the show and how they picked the actors for each role; they even interviewed John Astin about his role as Gomez, which I loved. One featurette details how the theme song came to be!

Additional Extras. Along with the features I mentioned, there are also some fun little bits like a sing-a-long version of the opening credits and theme song, trivia episodes, and a “guest star séance” where the show’s guests throughout the series are given the spotlight. The “séance” just gives you information on each guest star, but in a fun and creepy kind of way!

Overall, if you’re a fan at all The Addams Family series, then this box set is a must. I’ve pretty much made it my mission to find any other box set version of this series and collect them, so if any more exist out in the world: let me know!!