Welcome to my Nightmare: Wicca and Me

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! So, this is going to be another kind of weird Wednesday post – haha, get it? – but that’s what Weird Wednesdays are for, not just on my YouTube channel, but here as well. This is the day I can make whatever kind of video (or now blog post) about whatever I want. It’s like a Free Space in Bingo.

Also, I've been affectionately calling these life/randomness posts "Welcome to my Nightmare." What do you think? I thought it was cute because I'm Nightmare Maven and all....anyways.

Ok, no one has requested me to do a blog post on this, but I just wanted to talk about it a little because … well, I don’t know why. Sometimes I just like to talk about my life a little, ok? Also, before I go any further, I just want to point out that I’m talking about my own personal opinions, beliefs, and experiences here. I’m not here to shit-talk anyone’s beliefs. Furthermore, I am not an expert in any of the things I’m going to discuss in this post, I can only talk from experience, which is what I intend to do.

Recently, and by that, I mean for about a year now, I have been less and less interested in going to church like I have been raised to do since I can remember. My family is Catholic, so that’s how I was raised, but about two (maybe more?) years ago, I started questioning my beliefs. Not in a Father Karras (The Exorcist, 1973) kind of way, but in what I think is a natural way. I was starting to think more critically about what I believed in and if that lined up with what the Catholic church believes in. Having concluded that maybe I don’t really agree with Catholicism anymore, I stopped going to church.

And then I started asking myself: what do I believe in. I knew I didn’t agree with the Church on a lot of things like their stance on abortion, their stance on gay marriage, the fact that Jesus was born from a virgin, and that pain during childbirth is caused from Eve having sinned. However, I had always held the belief that if you aren’t harming anyone, then you should be able to do/believe in whatever you wanted and that what you put out into the world comes back to you.

I found proper Wicca (by proper, I mean not the half-fictional depiction of Wicca in popular culture) to be very much in line with what I already believed. The Wiccan Rede states An ye harm none, do what ye will. And the Rule of Three states that whatever you put out into the world – good or bad – comes back to you times three. The nature-based religion seemed perfectly suited to me, as well, given that I am vegan, and Wiccans (not all, but many) acknowledge that sexuality is ok because it creates life. Not to mention, I found out that many people hold their Wiccan beliefs and practice witchcraft in solitude. From what I have learned these Wiccans and/or witches are referred to as solitary and/or eclectic. Eclectic Wiccans and/or witches take practices/beliefs from different sources to fit their practice. Basically, Wicca seemed perfectly suited to my personality and beliefs.

I have been reading and reading and reading about Wicca, Paganism, and witchcraft for almost one year now, and I at least know that heading down a Wiccan path seems right to me. I’m still not sure whether witchcraft is for me, at least not fully. Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying some parts of it (like cleansing rituals, celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats, and reading tarot cards), but I don’t feel the need to do any spell casting. Again, I mean no disrespect to any witch that does cast spells, I just don’t think it’s for me.

What I have learned is that it’s ok to believe what you want and practice any religion despite how you were raised; that’s the beauty of growing up, isn’t it? In my opinion, whatever religion means something to you and makes you a better, kinder, more compassionate person, is ok with me.

I’m not sure who is even reading this. I think I just wanted to get this out there because I can’t really announce this to my family, while some of my family members would let me be, I know for a fact, many would not. It’s just better not to tell them currently. So, thanks for reading this, if you still are, and until next time: stay strange!