Streaming and Screaming: Screambox vs Shudder

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! I don’t have a cutesy/cringe name for a post like this, but trust when I say I WILL come up with one, don’t you worry! Anyways, I thought I would talk a little bit about two horror-exclusive streaming sites and compare the two!

What a time to be a horror fan, seriously, not only do we have many general streaming sites to choose from (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) but we have TWO horror-only streaming sites: Screambox and Shudder!

**I will note now, that I am not affiliated with either of these sites. I have accounts with both which I pay for each month and I’m not being paid for this post**

Let’s start with Screambox, shall we? Screambox was the first horror-only streaming service on the scene in 2014. This girl even did a little interview with the founder of Screambox back in the day, I’ll put it here for your viewing pleasure:

Screambox excels in the low-budget indie horror flick department, in fact, those films make up most of the site. If you’re in the market for something that you haven’t ever heard of, Screambox is for you. As for the layout, Screambox resembles Netflix, displaying the titles in vertical rows labeled with sub-categories. The main categories are as follows: Killers, Supernatural, Monsters, Psychological, and Extreme. I feel that the categories are a little too vague, and they don’t really help if you go to the site having no idea what to watch.


Screambox does seem to be getting its claws into the HorrorTube world, though, as the Homicidal Homemaker has her series available on the site. That’s a pretty cool plus!

Now for Shudder! Shudder wins me over in the category and layout department. When you first get to the site, it looks a lot like Screambox and Netflix, but if you click on “Collections,” you are taken to a page full of more specific categories of horror like: Get Rad (80s horror), A Woman’s Touch (a section for women horror directors? Um hell yes?!), A-Plus (Asian horror), and so much more. This type of categorization is perfect for me when I don’t have a clue what I want to watch!


Shudder also has original content, which is all that surprising as all the big streaming sites are starting to produce their own content. Another biggie for me is the guest curators that make an appearance every now and then on Shudder. You’ll find them in the “Collections” section, where Shudder asks a director, actor, etc. to pick their favorites films on the site. It’s pretty cool.

I’m not a fan of either sites video player, I have had problems with both. Luckily, you can link both sites via your Amazon account and watch any film they have on Amazon’s video player, which I much prefer. Both sites give you a free trial to test out the site and they both cost $4.99/month.


Both Screambox and Shudder bring something a little different to the table in terms of content. Screambox has the most indie horror, but with that, you run the risk of running into the super-low-budget crapfests more often. Shudder has its fair share of indie films and classics, but I find that I own a lot of what Shudder has on DVD/Blu-ray.

If I had to pick one site, I would probably go with Shudder for its variety of content and easily browsable collections. But, I use Screambox just as much, so I couldn’t give it up, either. Plus, I like to patronize these horror-exclusive sites to show that there is a market for these services.

Which service do you use? Shudder? Screambox? Both? Let me know in the comments!