Risen and Revisited: The Pyramid (2014)

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! It’s about time for another revisit! On today’s bill is The Pyramid (Gregory Levasseur, 2014), which follows an archeological team and their documentary crew as they explore a newly discovered pyramid only to become trapped within. You can watch my original review here:

Now, when I say, “my original review,” I mean, my rant because I really did not like this movie when I first saw it. In the video, I talk about how I thought the film resembled The Descent (Neil Marshall, 2005) and As Above, So Below (John Erick Dowdle, 2014). I also talked about the writing, I thought some of the actors did the best they could, but ultimately the dialogue was poorly written. I didn’t like the mixture of the found-footage style and the third-person camera, I found it confusing and the only thing I liked was the idea of the jackal/Anubis monster.

I don’t think I’ll have any trouble convincing you guys that I haven’t seen this movie since that first time, and I did try to block out most of it. So, when I sat down to watch The Pyramid again, I didn’t remember much.


This time around, I still didn’t like it. Having many more horrible horror movies behind me since 2014, The Pyramid didn’t seem so bad in comparison. I agree with the previous statement about The Pyramid being derivative of As Above, So Below and I really think it was a horrible decision to release The Pyramid only months after. The Pyramid seems like a blatant rip-off of As Above, So Below only set in a different country. While As Above, So Below wasn’t perfect either, it felt like it was the super smart kid that gives their presentation first in class and The Pyramid’s unique presentation suddenly doesn’t seem so unique.

I still didn’t like the mixture of the third-person camera and found footage camera. I only say that because the third-person view isn’t established right away like the found-footage is. So, when we suddenly see all the characters in the frame, we are taken out of the story because we’re trying to figure out who is holding the camera. I wasn’t as annoyed about this as I was previously, but I still don’t think it was a good directorial move.


As for the writing and the dialogue, it’s still super awkward. The only reason I have for this opinion is Denis O’Hare. O’Hare is the only actor in The Pyramid I have seen in more than one thing prior to this film (I know James Buckley from The Inbetweeners and I have never heard of any of the other actors), and I know he can act. I felt that the actors, including O’Hare, were trying their best, but you can only do so much with bad writing.

I still like the Anubis monster and the little bit of Egyptian culture/folklore they incorporated (like the weighing of the heart), I only wish they incorporated that a bit more. And I don’t know what past-Vicky is on about with the practical effects thing, this movie is overflowing with CGI.

Well, there you have it! My opinion of this movie really has not changed and I can now look forward to never having to watch The Pyramid again! If you do want to watch it, however, I will leave a link to the movie on Amazon Video (it’s an affiliate link):

The Pyramid
Starring Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O'Hare, James Buckley