Welcome to my Nightmare: 2018 Resolutions

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! As today is one of those lifestyle-type posts (I really need a catchy name for these) and it is almost the end of the year, I thought I would talk about my New Year’s resolutions.

I’ll get right into my personal resolution before I talk about my resolutions for Nightmare Maven. My personal resolution this year is easy: Love Myself. This year has been difficult for many reasons, and the tragic suicides of Chester Bennington and Kim Jonghyun hit me hard. I know, I know, I didn’t personally know these people. However, I did enjoy their music and I always feel saddened to hear that someone who brought so many people so much joy felt so hopeless that they felt the need to take their own life. So, I’m going to make it a priority in 2018 to take care of my self physically (via exercise, the food I eat, etc.) and mentally, in honor of Chester’s, Jonghyun’s, and anyone else who has suffered from mental illness’s memory.

Ok, now on to the Nightmare Maven resolutions! Each year since I started Nightmare Maven, I have set goals for myself each year, all serving the purpose to improve my channel. Last year, for example, I wanted to set a weekly video schedule that I was happy with (and so far, I am LOVING the schedule I have now) and to go to my first horror convention (I went to Texas Frightmare Weekend all by myself).

This year is no different in that I have some goals for my channel/blog/online presence/whatever you want to call it. So, first up is an extension of one of my resolutions last year: not only do I want to go back to TFW (which I have already booked my room for) as well as one more convention. Ideally, I would really love to go to Monsterpalooza if I can find the funds. My backup is Spooky Empire which is held only an hour away from where I live (I imagine I will end up going to this one). I had so much fun at TFW in May, but I was so horribly awkward with the YouTube friends and actors that I met because I was out of my comfort zone. So, next year, I know what to expect and I want to get more out of my convention time!

My next resolution is to be more active on social media and on YouTube. I feel like my social media posts have been reduced to only promoting my videos and blog posts; now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, necessarily. I mean, if I don’t promote my channel, who is? I know none of us horrortubers can afford fancy talent agents to do that for us, so I’ve never hated on a content creator for promoting their brand. I just want to get back to posting other things, as well. What I am getting at is I don’t want my posts to JUST be me promoting my content. Along the same lines, I want to be more active of GoodReads and Letterboxd, I love both sites and they are fun ways to track my movie watching and reading, I just have to get used to updating it whenever I watch a film or finish a book, that’s all.

Next, I am setting a goal to stay up-to-date with other horror channels, as well, and promoting their content. That being said, I am going to be realistic about this resolution, because there are SO MANY awesome horror channels to keep up with. And with my thesis being due in February, I imagine I will have to limit myself until that is done.

Second to last (man, I set a lot of resolutions for myself) is to open up a P.O. Box for Nightmare Maven, not so you guys can send me things, but so I can send out merch! I really want to get some merch out as a fun way to support the channel! I don’t like to ask for support without you guys getting something in return, hence starting a Patreon which gives my Patrons exclusive perks for their support.

And finally, I’m stopping all recognition of stupid troll and hate comments. Normally, I don’t reply to trolls, I’ll just post their comment on social media and have a laugh over it, but I’m done with that. As you might have seen from the comments I have shared, most of them are just butthurt because I didn’t like a certain film and they lash out by calling me fat, ugly, stupid, etc. Those types of comments aren’t constructive and have nothing to do with the video they are posted on. I’m all for having a discussion with someone who holds a differing opinion from my own, and I HAVE had these conversations with my subscribers, who are mature adults who can handle it if someone doesn’t agree with them. So, if I see any more of those trolling, butthurt comments that don’t offer anything constructive, then it’s simply being reported. I won’t respond, and I won’t post them on social media. I know this sounds like I’m too sensitive to handle these comments, but I’m here to talk horror and most hate comments I get are just irrelevant. End of story.

WOW! Ok, I feel like I wrote a whole damn book here! I’ll stop now! Let me know your resolutions for the New Year in the comments!