Take-Home Horror: Deathgasm (2015)

Hey there, Creepy Peeps! I’ve got another DVD/Blu-ray special features review for you. I thought I would do Deathgasm (Jason Lei Howden, 2015) because, well, I just love Deathgasm. If you haven’t seen the film I HIGHLY recommend it, but this post will be about the special features you get on the Blu-ray.

DEATHGASM Bluray.jpg

So, on the regular DVD of Deathgasm, you get the director/writer commentary from Jason Lei Howden and the Bulletbelt music video for their song called “Deathgasm.” On the Blu-ray, of course, you get those two features, plus three Behind-the-Scenes featurettes: Brotherhood of Steel: The Cast, Goregasm: The Effects, and Demon Seed: Interview with the Director.

The Featurettes

So, the three featurettes are kind of short, but it’s nice that they broke them up into those three sections. Even though they are short, the featurettes each cover a lot. Plus, you get to see cool extra bits like rehearsals, and dongs and butts made of latex, so, you know, that’s always cool.  From the featurettes, you can see the cast and crew had a good time with the film, and they took it seriously, even though the film isn’t all that serious.


The Music Video and the Commentary

The music video is fun, especially if you are a metalhead. From what I understand, Bulletbelt is a New Zealand metal band, so it’s cool that the movie and the music are totally straight outta New Zealand.

The commentary is fascinating, just as most commentaries are if you’re into filmmaking and all that behind-the-scenes stuff. You can tell from Howden’s commentary that he is a true metalhead and a true horror fan, so you know that Deathgasm comes from a place of love – yes, I know how weird that sounds. You can tell Howden had a great time making the film and I know that’s going to make any subsequent viewings of mine even more enjoyable.


Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of Deathgasm or just New Zealand horror comedies, because they are pretty much starting to become their own genre, you’ll need the Blu-ray. Even though there’s not a huge difference between the DVD and the Blu-ray, I know I much prefer having the Blu-ray!

I hope you enjoyed this DVD/Blu-ray special feature review! You can use the link below if you decide you just can’t be without a Blu-ray copy of Deathgasm!

Deathgasm [Blu-ray]
Starring Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman, Sam Berkley